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Our Mission

We see our purpose and mission as an organization to raise funds and channel them directly to verified contacts in Ukraine assisting those who are in dire need and who are often not being reached by outside organizations. Our regular recipients include volunteers who buy and deliver food and medical supplies, hospitals, orphanages etc. Join us and lets help Ukraine together.

Hope4Ukraine is a non-profit organization founded in February of 2022 in response to the Russian invasion. Hope4Ukraine has consistently been sending help directly to Ukrainian communities since the war started. Please consider donating or participating in our events to raise money and awareness about Ukraine.

"Ukraine is not just a country, Ukraine is an idea, an inspiration, a hope, a future. And it is worth fighting for." 

Our Mission

Our Events

Hope4Ukraine hosts events that bring the community of Greater Cincinnati together through art, dance, and music.

The goal of these events is to bring awareness and education about Ukrainian culture to the people of Cincinnati, as well as donating all the proceeds to the brave people in Ukraine.


Our Vision

We aim to help and empower the people of Ukraine during this horrific time by providing medical supplies, clothing, and other necessary items needed to fight this war. If you want to see how your aid helps the Ukrainian people, check out our impact page.

We Need Your Support Today!

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